sling bag

A sling bag is a cross-body bag usually taking the form of a pouch worn over the shoulder with a zipper to open and close. They may also be worn around the waist.

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2023 anthro bag bear beargarbage black_body black_clothing black_ears black_eyes black_fur black_nose black_shirt black_t-shirt black_topwear blush brown_body brown_clothing brown_ears brown_fur brown_shirt brown_t-shirt brown_tail brown_topwear claws clothing digital_media_(artwork) duo english_text footprint fur giant_panda grizzly_(shirokuma_cafe) hand_on_arm happy heart_nose heart_symbol hug male male/male mammal multicolored_body multicolored_clothing multicolored_fur multicolored_shirt multicolored_t-shirt multicolored_topwear panda-kun pawprint sharp_teeth shirokuma_cafe shirt short_tail sling_bag smile standing t-shirt tail teeth text text_on_clothing text_on_t-shirt text_on_topwear topwear two_tone_body two_tone_fur white_body white_clothing white_fur white_shirt white_t-shirt white_topwear
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2020 alien ankh black_hair blue_nails blue_tongue clothed clothing colored_nails eye_patch eyelashes eyewear fangs female gem grey_body grey_skin hair holding_gem holding_object homestuck horn horned_humanoid humanoid long_hair mismatched_horns ms_paint_adventures nails nekozneko not_furry open_mouth open_smile pockets simple_background sling_bag smile solo starry_eyes sweater teeth tongue topwear troll_(homestuck) unusual_anatomy unusual_horn vriska_serket yellow_sclera zipper
2022 abstract_background accessory alternative_fashion animal_humanoid bag bow_ribbon braided_hair braided_ponytail clothing dress feathered_wings feathers female gloves hair hair_accessory hair_bow hair_ribbon handwear hat headgear headwear hexagram human_and_animal_ears humanoid j-fashion lagomorph lagomorph_humanoid leporid_humanoid lolita_(fashion) magical_girl_outfit magical_girl_wand mammal mammal_humanoid menhera multi_ear nakahara_komugi nekozneko nurse_clothing nurse_hat nurse_headwear nurse_lolita nurse_witch_komugi-chan pastel_theme pink_clothing pink_dress pink_eyes pink_hair ponytail rabbit_humanoid red_cross ribbons sling_bag solo star superflat symbol wand white_clothing white_gloves white_handwear white_wings winged_humanoid wings