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Tree Trunks is a recurring character in the American Animated series Adventure Time with Finn & Jake.

Tree Trunks is an elderly yellow-green pygmy elephant who is a friend of Finn and Jake. She speaks with a gentle, Southern drawl and lives just outside the Candy Kingdom, where she maintains an apple orchard.

Tree Trunks is from the Tiny Animal Kingdom. In her youth, she yearned more than anything for Adventure and "Tight" (Sexy) Men. After graduating from High School, her High School sweetheart Randy the Rhino proposed to her. But, she soon divorced him for the freedom of a life at the sea as a pirate. There she met Danny the Boar and married him. But after finding out that he had seduced her to get her away from her ship so that her first mat could take over she marooned Danny and "Kaboomed" her old ship and crew. She then used her treasure to savvily invest in a trade/shipping company making an even larger fortune. During which she met her secretary Wyatt the Pinniped and married him out of pity, selling her company to the King of Ooo and using the remainder to buy up the apple orchard on the outskirts of the candy kingdom. They were married for many years until, she grew sick of his insatiable need to be taken care of by her and divorced him as well. At some point before the start of the series she had also been abducted by and subsequently seduced several aliens, having at least 5 children with them.

In the eponymous episode "Tree Trunks" she goes with Finn and Jake on a quest to obtain the Gem Apple. Upon biting it, she was transported to the The Crystal Dimension, where she ruled over the Crystal Men as Quartzion the Crystal Queen and went absolutely bananas with Crystal Power. She then had the Crystal Men kidnap Finn the Human and turn him into a Crystal Man to rule besides her as her "Sexy Crystal King". Jake was able to kick the piece of the Gem Apple out of her body, turning her back to normal.

Tree Trunks later met and fell in love with her 5th and final husband Mr. Pig. They got married and later adopted a giant baby man whom they named Sweet Pig Trunks or Sweet P. for short. Presumably, Tree Trunks lived on with her husband Mr. Pig happily ever after until the two of them eventually died of old age. In the afterlife, Tree Trunks resides in Dead World 30 alongside all of her reverse harem of husbands except for Wyatt who is stuck in Dead World 1.

Tree Trunks has the personality of a gentle, older Southern woman, complete with a Texan accent and a polite, complimentary disposition. Throughout her titular episode, she constantly puts herself in dangerous situations—much to Finn's annoyance—due to her naïveté. She often uses her cuteness to complete tasks by wearing a lot of makeup and seducing her opponents. Tree Trunks is also known for her love of baking, making "Hot Buns", Strudel, and most notably Apple Pie using the apples of her Orchard. She is also known to love dancing, partying, and loving others.

Tree Trunks was voiced by the late Polly Lou Livingston.

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