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NEW ¿What can or should I do?, Help... / ¿Qué puedo o qué debería hacer? Ayuda... blitzdrachin AbeFLSHBCK 1
NEW Help with deleted picture (locked) Millcore Icegamer 2
NEW Tag implication: leotard -> tight_clothing Genjar Sragon3 1
NEW Tag implication: tight_suit -> tight_clothing Sragon3 Sragon3 0
NEW Tag implication: unitard -> tight_clothing Sragon3 Sragon3 0
NEW Tag implication: pegging -> female_penetrating_male Fenrick Jacob 18
NEW Tag implication: sailor_moon_redraw_challenge -> sailor_moon_(character) Furrin Gok g273435d 1
NEW Tails – an e621 app for iOS shadethecrow Safo 4
NEW Tag implication: huge_stomach -> hyper_belly Genjar c4ijah 1
NEW [ESP/ENG] About lack of genitals, Null Crotches, Featureless Crotches, NullPatches. CuauhtemocI5MAL CuauhtemocI5MAL 2
NEW Can't find original artist Kemonophonic littlesingingdeath 1
NEW Tag implication: portal_sex -> portals aaronfranke aaronfranke 1
NEW My webm uploads are borked Mairo Severalbaps 5
NEW Tag alias: eskimo_kiss -> nose_to_nose Quympeg Quympeg 0
NEW Tag Alias: sailor_fuku -> sailor_uniform JAKXXX3 BlueDingo 6
NEW Tagging background characters Jacob Artifex 5
NEW Tag alias: embrace -> hug D.D.M. Haryldson 5
NEW Tag alias: sailor_moon_(character) -> usagi_tsukino Jacob Rollingpussbob 2
NEW De-implicate forced_transformation -> forced Watsit Watsit 0
NEW What drives you? aversionCapacitor' corvid-monk 19
NEW Tag for Buff characters Jauntyraptor Jauntyraptor 4
NEW Tag implication: puro_(changed) -> changed_(video_game) donteven donteven 0
NEW Tag alias: siansaar -> carniscorner Haryldson Haryldson 0
NEW Widespread lack of "anthrofied" tag usage RambunctiousReptile RambunctiousReptile 13
NEW Tag alias: ukimori_(artist) -> ultraviolet Furrin Gok dangitusernames 1
NEW Clarification on "Good quality edits" randomguy85 Xandralfus 9
NEW What do you dislike/like in porn art? GRFurryStuff BlackSparkx 58
NEW Maybe change something? kokomon12 kokomon12 0
NEW Tag alias: ziroro326 -> Kaeritai07 Rollingpussbob Rollingpussbob 0
NEW I don't know how to search for something I'm currently looking for Watsit GRFurryStuff 1
NEW The tag "forge" needs reforging Watsit imagoober 7
NEW This Fursona Does Not Exist leomole khayyam 14
NEW Change the tag type for breezie_(mlp) Jacob Jacob 5
NEW Seeking Email Domain Whitelisting Ryonez Ryonez 0
NEW Audit of Previously denied uploads Demesejha Demesejha 9
NEW Tag Question: Cross-species Genitals and Hybrids. Peanon Peanon 3
NEW Intolerance against furries (locked) NotMeNotYou Kittylover 48
NEW Where in the world is e621 (locked) NotMeNotYou Munkelzahn 20
NEW Group sex gender tags denj bbqrules 5
NEW Why is creampie aliased to cum_inside? Genjar Jacob 4