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Title Last Post Created Replies
NEW Tag alias: uv_light -> ultraviolet_light alphamule Kyiiel 10
NEW Search for non-sexual explicit? alphamule cka9se 3
NEW Tag alias: Naughtyjester -> Lapinbeau SmuglytheRat SmuglytheRat 0
NEW [Feature] More pool edits! alphamule DimoretPinel 9
NEW Tag alias: cherrybl00dcat -> Pyrrhon_00 Clawstripe Pyrrhon 00 1
NEW Tag alias: trashybug -> hypnodoe Clawstripe tvattrcerebr 1
NEW Tag alias: pyrrhon_(cherrybl00dcat) -> pyrrhon_firecat Pyrrhon 00 Pyrrhon 00 0
NEW Tag alias: oibib -> bibio Clawstripe DimoretPinel 1
NEW Unite & Holowear Implications (12) LankyLank mosstardust 10
NEW Tag alias: nyushiart -> nyufluff Soopermang Soopermang 7
NEW Changing a pool’s category SNPtheCat DimoretPinel 1
NEW various VN character implications jerdude002 jerdude002 1
NEW Tag alias: hairy_belly -> belly_hair dragomess99 dragomess99 0
NEW Tag alias: bee_sting -> arthropod_sting dba afish gattonero2001 3
NEW 1781 and 1785 macsionnaigh macsionnaigh 0
NEW Tag implication: hyper_hips -> huge_hips pankino2002 GroovyPls 1
NEW [APPROVED] G-Force (BUR) auto moderator gattonero2001 3
NEW [APPROVED] Rock, Paper, BUR auto moderator gattonero2001 1
NEW [APPROVED] Tag implication: pretzel_(fuga) -> fuga:_melodies_of_steel auto moderator gattonero2001 1
NEW [APPROVED] Tag implication: pickelhaube -> helmet auto moderator gattonero2001 2
NEW [APPROVED] Tag implication: poodle_taur -> dog_taur auto moderator gattonero2001 1
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: caudal_fin -> tail_fin auto moderator gattonero2001 1
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: biting_butt -> butt_bite auto moderator orphan crippler 3
NEW [APPROVED] 1737 auto moderator macsionnaigh 1
NEW Tag alias: balls_as_breasts -> chesticles DimoretPinel Ike-X01 3
NEW *_in_anus to *_in_ass [BUR] Suhnny SCTH 15
NEW Suggestion to replace "Intersex" tags with "Altersex" page 2 regsmutt ReinaYeen 82
NEW A "stroke to the beat" slideshow viewer with too much feature-creep. AnonGhostTanuki ailurus 57
NEW Tag alias: keda_(nothing_much) -> keda_(whybother56) Whybother56 Whybother56 0
NEW Tag alias: adrian_(nothing_much) -> adrian_(whybother56) Whybother56 Whybother56 0
NEW Muzzle Rainbow Errorist 1Eyed-Rosd 8
NEW Elden Ring character tag bulk alias Jackwolf5775 Jackwolf5775 0
NEW Tag alias: nipple_fur -> nipple_tuft coyotebear coyotebear 0
NEW Tag alias: ralphie_(vivzmind) -> ralphe_(helluva_boss) Peepoodo Peepoodo 0
NEW Tag alias: martha_(vivzmind) -> martha_(helluva_boss) Peepoodo Peepoodo 0
NEW Tag alias: samenei -> maenei Clawstripe Scrippy 1
NEW Reacting to reaction_image to meta SNPtheCat SNPtheCat 0
NEW 3D Animation Tools As Meta Tags BDAnimare lurkmore 18
NEW Gallery or file manager app with tagging? unknowntags Cardboard Boxers 2
NEW Unite & Holowear Implications (11) mosstardust mosstardust 0