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Sticky: NEW General bug thread - bugs here, bugs there, bugs everywhere, come here and report your bugs page 12 Munkelzahn Millcore 854
Sticky: NEW Site Bugs & Features Guidelines + Template (locked) Scrydan Scrydan -1
NEW [Bug] Color DText doesn't display and breaks tables and bulleted lists in previews; doesn't display at all in comments (Bonus bug: Table closing tags messes up bulleted lists, too) BooruHitomi BooruHitomi 0
NEW [user error] I messed up trying to make an artist tag. And I can't fix it. Gman001 Gman001 2
NEW Seeking Email Domain Whitelisting Ryonez Ryonez 0
NEW Audit of Previously denied uploads Demesejha Demesejha 9
NEW Thumbnail blacklist indicator Jacob Jacob 0
NEW [Feature] Dead sources slyroon Mairo 1
NEW Disabling tooltip hover text. Blinc Blinc 0
NEW Image board type? CamKitty Eric Dielli 16
NEW iqdb_queries using file fail when called as API AoBird randomyiffyfox 8
NEW [Bug] BUR Error: A tag alias for <tag_b> already exists (create alias <tag_a> -> <tag_b>) BooruHitomi BooruHitomi 3
NEW [Feature Request] Accept writing prose on e621 KiraNoot nyshox 9
NEW [Resolved] Bug with JSON GET requests ? stuntbusPDP stuntbusPDP 7
NEW [Request] Tags displayed in hoverbox of thumbnails separated by type like in edit tag box KiraNoot OneMoreAnonymous 4
NEW [Feature Request] Larger thumbnails BooruHitomi nyshox 1
NEW [feature] Favicons with sources and reverse search engines Mairo Mairo 0
NEW Site completely broken on mobile, can't bypass "are you 18" page albert12 Emerl15 6
NEW I Can't Upload Ever Because of This. Mairo ANON PIE 3
NEW [BUG] Can't remove tags. leomole wollypegger 15
NEW Request: Skip blacklisted postings. Lafcadio RagnarokStravius 5
NEW [Bug] Score blacklist not working on listing pages vikali Djagir 1
NEW Why I can't find webm with "Sets with this post" link? tysh1 tysh1 0
NEW Following Artists blitzdrachin EightTheUmbreon 1
NEW Site Access with VPNs Owndapwn lyndafire 7
NEW [Feature] Having a blacklist tag AGiant AGiant 7
NEW [Feature] Search bar should be able to use ( ) AGiant AGiant 6
NEW [Feature] Hiding implicated tags AGiant AGiant 4
NEW [Feature] make sets like pools orderabel AGiant AGiant 0
NEW Blacklist thumbnails really not there Lafcadio AGiant 4
NEW [Feature] Pool/Artist Following & Featured Images Random~Passerby Random~Passerby 2
NEW Please stop logging me out every time my IP address changes canadianman3 canadianman3 8
NEW My blacklist isn't working Mr Mike hunt Mr Mike hunt 6
NEW Is there still a way to see which user posted? Siral Exan TheGarbDude 3
NEW Hiding implicat tags AGiant AGiant 0
NEW [Bug] Implication failure Watsit Watsit 0
NEW How do I show bigger thumbnails? (4k support) Batabii_ Batabii_ 27
NEW [Bug] Sign in > [] Remember .....doesn't... RedLXIX RedLXIX 7
NEW Can't blacklist with a date range ponyfucker42 ponyfucker42 0
NEW can't search by source yeoldenut yeoldenut 2