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Sticky: NEW General bug thread - bugs here, bugs there, bugs everywhere, come here and report your bugs page 14 Catt0s 0fTheNight Millcore 998
Sticky: NEW Site Bugs & Features Guidelines + Template (locked) Scrydan Scrydan -1
NEW [Feature] Randomly Shuffle Favorited Posts bitWolfy Maxt62099 1
NEW [Feature Request] Reverse Favorite Search? bitWolfy Lightjdx 7
NEW [Feature] Site feature request: "Colors" tag group aaronfranke aaronfranke 0
NEW Feature Request: Ability to see an artist name before clicking on a post ebea57 Oozzee 2
NEW Post update??? Mairo Floofy Fluffy Fur 2
NEW Feature Request: Favouriting an image should upvote it by default CamKitty Ereptile Art 7
NEW [Feature] Multi-page pools have page selector on top&bottom Entitxy Entitxy 0
NEW blacklist should be subtracted from search AGiant BunnieSatan 14
NEW [Bug?] Unable to quote hidden comments MagnusEffect NightLord14 2
NEW Favorites order?? Sharp Coyote bootstrap 25
NEW Comment Upvote limit Change Request pickleStomp pickleStomp 4
NEW Feature Request: Remove creepy comments Demesejha Dazz-Senpai~ 7
NEW API: "If your query succeeds but produces no results, you will receive instead the following special value" KiraNoot mr pacific 3
NEW Change order:random to the old format bipface aversionCapacitor' 2
NEW Feature Request: Change Rating via Edit Mode RiverInADryLand Demesejha 4
NEW [Feature] Reconsideration of "Limit of 5 artist-reused bases" Rule Versperus wanker 19
NEW [Bug] Long usernames result in overlapping text in group-by-comment view Songbird Songbird 0
NEW [Bug] Image preview of non-whitelisted URLs becomes visible again after the URL is modified or selected Songbird Songbird 0
NEW [Feature] a remove from button AGiant AGiant 0
NEW [Feature] having tag groups or more categories AGiant AGiant 2
NEW [Feature] Search bar should be able to use ( ) AGiant AGiant 9
NEW [Feature] Hiding implicated tags AGiant AGiant 9
NEW [Feature] make sets like pools orderabel AGiant AGiant 1
NEW Add - tags to the "recent" feature while editing tags Kaworu Jacob 2
NEW [Bug] Extraneous Pixiv URL automatically added to source list when editing a post KiraNoot Songbird 6
NEW [Issue] DText too strict bitWolfy Carnaxus 16
NEW [Feature] Post thumbnails in tag history D.D.M. Genjar 1
NEW [Feature] Active/deleted/deceased status for artists Sofurry Sofurry 2
NEW [Bug] Rating change tags were automatically added to post on edit Songbird Songbird 0
NEW Challenge a flag? Dysol Dysol 2
NEW [Feature] Fix quoting with dmails Mairo Mairo 0
NEW [Feature] Category for settings/locations Genjar Genjar 0
NEW [Feature] Transcript field Lance Armstrong Mairo 33
NEW [Feature] Get rid of "Popular" section Lance Armstrong Mairo 17
NEW [Feature] "Darker" Subsection of Site for Extreme Fetishes Strikerman Reifan 6
NEW Why can't I view the DNP list? KiraNoot Delta72 2
NEW [feature] block by personal downvotes. Lance Armstrong wollypegger 6
NEW [BUG] Maybe - Generic Error Message On Comment Voting CrocoGator wollypegger 1