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Sticky: NEW General bug thread - bugs here, bugs there, bugs everywhere, come here and report your bugs page 16 urielfrys Millcore 1128
Sticky: NEW Site Bugs & Features Guidelines + Template (locked) Scrydan Scrydan -1
NEW [Feature] Ability to add forum post votes to individual non-alias/imply/BUR request forum topics/posts darryus darryus 6
NEW Help uploading please help me Siral Exan James0704 1
NEW [Feature] Visibly tag blacklisted when disabled bitWolfy Vackner'srWrath 1
NEW About the Report Ticket : What If I make a mistake , accidental click , or want to make a correction? ( Why Can't I delete / cancel / edit my Ticket ? ) Gloomy Wing Gloomy Wing 3
NEW lets get a new video player bipface squigglybigglybingbo 2
NEW Bug Report: Clicking ''Reply'' sends me to the top of the page Dazz-Senpai~ Dazz-Senpai~ 17
NEW [Feature] Expansion of the ASCII characters. KiraNoot laranja 16
NEW Broken Tag? GodOfCringe GodOfCringe 2
NEW Just me or is the site kinda slow for awhile now? sys-yok Daedius 4
NEW Dysfunctional Blacklist? Poontang Nathmurr 3
NEW Favorites order?? Sharp Coyote bootstrap 26
NEW Blacklist not working on mobile Nathmurr Lord Snivy 4
NEW How do I blacklist low res images? Batabii_ Batabii_ 6
NEW Order:Desclenght not working? Strikerman Fghwe444 3
NEW Dislike my own comments? Strikerman NostalgiaRabbit 10
NEW [Feature] Connect metatags to specific tags multiple times in a search. Human-Shaped Human-Shaped 2
NEW [Feature] next/previous buttons in pools underneath picture KiraNoot MissT 1
NEW Add a new category in the upload post form FurZ FurZ 2
NEW [Bug] Pools with over one hundred (100) posts lose "Order" option link on header KiraNoot BooruHitomi 1
NEW [Feature] Make 'favcount' and/or 'score' be functional in the blacklist. Human-Shaped Human-Shaped 1
NEW Scrap (folders? areas?) For artist Strikerman Dacad 5
NEW [Feature] Make all links on upload form open in a new tab Strikerman faucet 2
NEW [Feature] Document order:change and order:change_asc on the cheatsheet page aaronfranke aaronfranke 3
NEW Parent/Child posts unhidden by default blitzdrachin blitzdrachin 4
NEW No images showing up Versperus SamuelJamesGreene 14
NEW [Feature] Have post thumbnail show whether the user has favorited that post Homophobe Homophobe 2
NEW [Feature] Mobile support for Order Pool sdrawkcaB sdrawkcaB 0
NEW Encourage crediting, put artist name in default download. bitWolfy sexyjackruby 8
NEW Nuisances in e621 Fenrick Funkyy 31
NEW [Feature] Allow users to preview DText when writing descriptions for image posts Strikerman Strikerman 0
NEW Should e926 be a "full" SFW version of e621 (in regards to Age Restrictions) pickleStomp Lippon35 1
NEW Comment Upvote limit Change Request pickleStomp pickleStomp 12
NEW [Bug] API usage on comments returns post information instead rolling atackk rolling atackk 2
NEW [Bug] Similar Images Search doesn't work with URLs -- "Access Denied: Not allowed to request content from this URL" RUST OUT MAIL ABUSE RUST OUT MAIL ABUSE 2
NEW [Feature] having tag groups or more categories AGiant AGiant 5
NEW Am i the only one who wants a subscribe to artists option ? TheGreatWolfgang White paw 2
NEW [Feature] Persistent Collapsing Tag Categories Catt0s 0fTheNight Catt0s 0fTheNight 0
NEW "Search for myself in comments" Only Showing Newest Comment faucet Wrenly Bewick 1