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Sticky: NEW General bug report thread - bugs here, bugs there, bugs everywhere, come here and report your bugs page 34 iliketochattoo Millcore 2483
Sticky: NEW Site Bugs & Features Guidelines + Template (locked) Millcore Scrydan -1
NEW [Feature] WebP support page 2 Wolfmanfur felix nermix 87
NEW Feature Request for Voting: 4th voting option "⚠️ Request a Change" alphamule Bregggo 3
NEW [feature] Let Janitors Approve/Reject Aliases/Implications/BURs alphamule scaliespe 29
NEW [FEATURE] Picture renewal TheBadBlender TheBadBlender 4
NEW Random Favorites Kyiiel Eeeeeeee235774 6
NEW Stuck in Desktop mode UnknownPerv UnknownPerv 2
NEW [Feature] Ruffle Integration to revive flash content Mucous Lucas Mucous Lucas 17
NEW [Feature] BUR line count cutefox123 cutefox123 0
NEW [Feature] make sets like pools orderabel (locked) Cinder AGiant 2
NEW Pool syntax wildcards Earlopain lurkmore 1
NEW Whitelist Waller DankDabber69 3
NEW There Needs To Be A Mass Selection Option alphamule NegaMajora 7
NEW [Feature] Random image button Kemonophonic samuecaalves 4
NEW [Feature] Make the "artist verification" information more visible Rainbow Dash kora viridian 7
NEW Make deleting an account delete every bit of information on the site. alphamule UN30492984 25
NEW Search related question m3g4p0n1 mcgiwer 1
NEW Blacklist QoL: Pool and Child/Parent Tag consideration. pollexmessier pollexmessier 0
NEW how to replace my own post. SNPtheCat WorldEaterArt 1
NEW Feature request: Live online chat SNPtheCat Story.Com 8
NEW Requesting a simple list of account limitations for new accounts.. foxyfluid foxyfluid 5
NEW [Bug] Unable to modify or revert the notes field for artist entries to an empty/blank value Magic Spearmint Magic Spearmint 0
NEW Feature Request - selectable genitalia types on the upload page DimoretPinel AngryDraconequus 12
NEW TOR + gallery-dl TheGreatWolfgang viewfinder 3
NEW Suggestion: Add Thumbnails For Video Uploads Rainbow Dash maplebytes 6
NEW Cannot update blacklist furrypickle jumper cables 2
NEW [Feature] Link to wiki pages from tag autocomplete wat8548 Lance Armstrong 7
NEW [Feature] Add thumbnails to post changes page wat8548 wat8548 0
NEW Scroll feature (ex:reddit scroll or tiktok for videos) SNPtheCat TheSisyphus 15
NEW [FEATURE] Have e621 host an entirely new section just for Furry Literature? Casuallynoted ClosetPossum 48
NEW [FEATURE] Prevent accidental reports Mucous Lucas Zenith-Pendragon 10
NEW Unable to vote using Tor Aiyke Aiyke 8
NEW [ Feature Request ]: Marked blacklisted image previews Technical-Grid Technical-Grid 0
NEW I can't upload and I think it's a glitch Versperus Spoodge Pukem 9
NEW Feature Request: More Info on Vote Numbers sipothac peacethroughpower 7
NEW Blip user blacklist peacethroughpower peacethroughpower 2
NEW Default Image Width & Default Video Width. Kemrel Walker Kemrel Walker 0
NEW [Feature] If content is already found here make the msg less annoying when closing/updating tab Benjiboyo Notknow 8
NEW [bug] "Error: Unknown error! undefined" ONND37 NamiChan 6