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Sticky: NEW General bug report thread - bugs here, bugs there, bugs everywhere, come here and report your bugs page 36 Donovan DMC Millcore 2672
NEW Blacklist Not Working SNPtheCat Euadonis 10
NEW [Request] A better way to handle memes Nimphia Nimphia 0
NEW not sure who to ask so I guess Ill just throw it here Boxfo Boxfo 3
NEW [Feature] "Colors" tag group Nimphia aaronfranke 40
NEW Add to whitelist Donovan DMC TheReuploader 2
NEW Report: North Carolina Message but not in NC bug Loona Loverx Professor Luna 7
NEW [feature requests] favoriting other people's sets Dinbyy Dinbyy 5
NEW (Feature Request) Sorting pools by, "Random" SNPtheCat Eldroxyl 1
NEW TagMe bug report/error fix: no blacklist means no viewing DefinitelyNotAFurry4 Slocheze 1
NEW Scrollin popular and Hot posts give unexpected results Donovan DMC Necromartian 1
NEW [Feature Request] Grouped OR search Blacklist3434 DirtyDerg 7
NEW Consistent annoying WEBM playback issue on Firefox 122.0 Windows 11 alphamule DemeterKitty 3
NEW [Request] Please nuke the "rabbit hole" tag from orbit or make a blacklist upload tag feature Clawstripe Notknow 10
NEW The current downvote system is prone to abuse and unfair to artists of niche fetishes, I propose a change or removal of the downvote function. (locked) Donovan DMC Simski 2
NEW [Feature] an "or" function in the tag search Nimphia GlitchBun 1
NEW (Feature request) Can we pwease keep uwu as a toggle after April 1st ImJackKinhoff MichelleDB 13
NEW (Feature request) Unironically, let folks opt-out of forced uwu-speak and/or future April Fools' events. (Toggle switch in user settings) Wandering Spaniel Lickario 31
NEW Remove the annoying "uwu" comment Dzeergy K9not 11
NEW Did the site get hacked into UwU speak? Sbeewun Poofy Snek 17
NEW [Bug] Post #2644009 on Firefox - No video with supported format and MIME type found kora viridian Mantikor 3
NEW "Access Denied" (403) when trying to post text Donovan DMC viewfinder 1
NEW [Feature] DMail notification upon accepted/rejected AIBUR request faucet faucet 3
NEW Of Order and Arrows Foolysh Foolysh 0
NEW Can’t remove votes from deleted webm’s Terminally horny Terminally horny 0
NEW [Bug] IQDB from Furaffinity doesn't work DefinitelyNotAFurry4 ShadyGuy 2
NEW [Feature] blacklisttags Meta Tag sanestvaporeonfan sanestvaporeonfan 2
NEW picture imbedding not working on Puffin Browser (Ios) Donovan DMC Apollo Polaris 2
NEW You can’t download on my iPhone now alphamule SpringMangle 2
NEW 1280px is not hi-res faucet XaviBun 4
NEW Webms almost never play now Kyiiel meaterbeater431 13
NEW [Bug] Certain syntaxes for ranges no longer function for blacklists, like double dot (..) lurkingfox lurkingfox 0
NEW [Feature] Reason when reverting somenobody2 somenobody2 0
NEW Video playback bug/freezing up The-Gnoll-Scribe The-Gnoll-Scribe 3
NEW [Feature] Post view in pool: add number of post and total number of posts dba afish nexuscat 5
NEW Do some posts ignore the blacklist when viewing a tag? abadbird TheFisher 12
NEW Is there a way to automatically add pools to an artist's Wiki entry? Donovan DMC alphamule 1
NEW "Posts" link not properly updating the page. DefinitelyNotAFurry4 DreadArkive 1
NEW [Bug] Where’s Month gone? ThatsMyFettish ThatsMyFettish 2
NEW [Feature] Light-mode e621 electricitywolf electricitywolf 0