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Similar to what, but with a focus on "why does this even exist". These are often at least mildly unsettling.

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2020 animal_genitalia anthro ball_tuft balls beverage beverage_in_sheath big_balls biped body_hair brown_body brown_fur canid canine canis crotch_shot digital_media_(artwork) faceless_character faceless_male fully_sheathed fur genitals gradient_background happy_trail huge_balls hyper hyper_balls hyper_genitalia keg koorivlf male mammal penetration pubes sheath sheath_penetration sheath_play signature simple_background soda solo tuft white_body white_fur white_sheath why wolf
2020 6:5 absurd_res anthro clothing english_text eulipotyphlan gesture gloves greyscale half-closed_eyes handwear hedgehog hi_res looking_at_viewer male mammal meme monochrome narrowed_eyes pointing pointing_at_viewer shadow_the_hedgehog simple_background smile solo sonic_the_hedgehog_(series) text white_background why xlownez
2020 3:4 animal_crossing anthro black_ears blonde_hair blood bodily_fluids boke_(artist) bottomless clothed clothing cutlass death domestic_cat empty_eyes eyewear felid feline felis full-length_portrait fur glasses gore grey_background grey_body grey_fur grey_theme hair knife machete male mammal melee_weapon nightmare_fuel nintendo portrait raymond_(animal_crossing) signature simple_background sitting snuff solo sword topwear video_games weapon why
2016 ahegao androjuniarto aoi_miyamori badge big_breasts blue_eyes bottomwear breasts brown_hair butt cartoon_network clothing crossover cursed_image dialogue doughnut doughnut_sheriff drooling_cum duo female female_penetrated food food_creature hair human human_on_humanoid human_penetrated humanoid humanoid_penetrating humanoid_penetrating_human interspecies looking_pleasured male male/female male_penetrating male_penetrating_female mammal officer officers'_hat open_mouth pants penetration police sex shirobako signature speech_bubble the_amazing_world_of_gumball what why