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Topic: [E6NG] Incorrect/Broken documentation.

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Please point out misleading, outdated, or broken documentation here so that they can be corrected.

Not sure if this best fits here, but the discord link under news is broken, gives this error message.

An unexpected error occurred.

Log ID: f54f13ae-b810-4b4b-ab8d-d264c76b5d6d

kiranoot said:
Please point out misleading, outdated, or broken documentation here so that they can be corrected.

The first page of the tag Chastity_device, no posts are able to be seen

de-cat-pitated said:
Not sure if this best fits here, but the discord link under news is broken, gives this error message.

An unexpected error occurred.

Log ID: f54f13ae-b810-4b4b-ab8d-d264c76b5d6d

It just kicks me back to the home page lol

All my sets are gone and I cannot put my sets back. Also my favorites list is now all mixed up and not in the order I added the posts in.

Never mind about the black listed tags, I found it. But my favorites list is all mixed up however.

The upload page was down for me for a little while, it works now but does not have a title.
The quick tagging buttons on the upload page look too similar when they are toggled and untoggled, depending on screen brightness and ambient lighting they can be hard to differentiate.

Also, I added the canine tag to a post and it didn't add the canid or mammal implications. Is this an error? I recall debate about overimplicating tags in the thread for the updated site beta.

{Hope i'm replying in the right place}
I'm unable to view my favorites. No pictures load, stays blank, though it says I have multiple pages. Happens with a friend, as well. Dunno if this belongs here, sorry.

Some posts (i.e. this one) have their fave count cleared (I can't remember how many faves this post had before, but it's definitely not 2)

I've looked into the Help index, and as far it went, that's what I was able to find.
And as I have noticed, there might similar issues in the wiki pages counterparts (especially regarding defunct links), and there should be some consistency between what is linked to the wiki pages and what is linked to the help pages (i.e. Uploading Guidelines links the DNP list's wiki page instead of its help page):

- In the About help page, the Feature Request links to a defunct thread.

- The Artists help page needs some cleaning:
. remove the stray quotation formatting marker;
. fix the admin contact listing under both the account linking subtopics ("Link an Account", "I am an artist. How do I link [...]");
. the reference to create an artist (under "How do I create an artist?") is defunct.

- At the Avoid Posting help page:
. the link at the "The above is not exhaustive, [...]" line that refers about the Upload Guidelines has a defunct link to its page;
. the letter anchors, besides for A, do not work;
. in the Conditional DNP portion of the list, there's a small "link" to a defunct Conditional DNP page;
. at the bottom of the page, in the 4th subtopic ("Getting added to the DNP List"), the Takedown Request link is defunct.

- In the Blacklist help page, every Settings link is defunct (one located at the start of the page, and two by the end of it).

- There's a defunct link at the Blips help page, at the the "index searching" explanation.

- Some of the anchors in the Cheatsheet help page do not work, which includes the Post Metatags anchor and the scroll-to-the-top anchors (^).

- At the Comments help page, the last phrase (about user levels) has a defunct link.

- In the FAQ help page, there's more defunct links:
. before the "My post got deleted" portion, there's a defunct Upload Guidelines link;
. every "My Account" link is defunct in the page,
. under the "I want to change my username" portion, the site-map ("more") link is defunct.

- The Favorites help page has an anchor that doesn't work ("Post's mode menu"), and the My Account link is defunct.

- In the Image Quality help page, every Table of Contents anchor is defunct.

- At the IRC help page, the second Furnet link is defunct (it has an ' attached to it) and the IRC on-site client page link is defunct.

- The Pools help page has a Create Pools defunct link.

- In both the Tag Aliases help page and Tag Implications help page, the alias suggestion link is defunct (last line).

- At the Tagging Checkilist help page, there's a stray '[/sup]' formatting marker by the end of the page that makes the Sets link defunct.

- Both Tags help and wiki pages have defunct TWYS Explained links and scroll-to-the-top anchors.

- The Tag Scripts help page has a link with a defunct anchor to Accounts' page Privilege section.

- In the Uploading Guidelines help page, the Posting Abuse link is incorrect (it links to a blank wiki page), and its Table of Contents anchors are defunct.

- In the Upload Whitelist help page, the Whitelisted Domains link is defunct.

And an addition because I feel like its important:
- At the bottom of the page, 'Rules' leads to the ToS, instead of the actual rules;


Maybe this is a bit meta, but for some pages I think it would be very helpful to have a brightly colored marker at the top indicating whether the page is considered up-to-date or outdated.

Cheatsheet and blacklist would be the most important ones imo. Cheatsheet is out of date, but I only know that because it doesn't mention order:age or order:rank, and blacklist I just plain can't tell (I'd like to blacklist score:<10 age:>7_days or something of the same nature; I THINK this is not currently possible, but because I can't reliably tell what is up to date, I'm not actually sure if I might just be using the wrong syntax.)

the_eternal_champion said:
Searching for the "webm" tag pulls up ALL animated files, regardless of the actual format

It's aliased to animated, so yes. You might want filetype:webm (IIRC).

If anything is wrong here IMO, it's that an aliased-away tag with a misleading name is offered by autocomplete.

The "learn more" link included in messages that are displayed on flagged posts (example) seems to lead to a wiki page that doesn't exist

Much of the cheatsheet uses outdated searching metatags, such as comments:100 when it should be comment_count:100 or favoritedby: insetad of fav:
Also, the DText help page doesn't correctly display the backticks used for creating code segments in messages.

I was reviewing the new API documentation in the wiki:

In the example response of the "Tags" section, for the field "related_tags" it says "space-delimited list of tags".

But really what you get is {tag}{space}{number}{space}{tag}{space}{number}...


What does the number mean?

Additionally, you can see from the above example that "search[id]" works, but that search parameter is not documented.



mr_pacific said: What does the number mean?

I can actually answer that.
That list is produced by searching for all posts with the main tag (psuedofolio in your example), then adding up all of their tags. In your particular case, 2 of the posts with the tag psuedofolio are also tagged female, 2 mammal, 1 dragon_ball, and so on.

What is the purpose of that? Who knows. It's just one of the fascinating quirks of the API that you'll have to work around.

The User Ranks section of the rules wiki should be updated to reflect the increased tag search limit of 40 as it still mentions a limit of 6 and 8.

Member: Can search up to six tags simultaneously. Must wait three days to edit tags, and a week to upload, vote, and comment

Privileged: Unlimited tag edits and comments, can search up to eight tags simultaneously, can apply tag scripts, use Dtext color tags

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