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E621 is a mature furry imageboard. It is based off, and inspired by, Danbooru.
Our mission is to archive and distribute the best / strangest / most excellent furry-related artwork, regardless of content, for all those who wish to view it.

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These are the people who keep this site running. Please treat them with respect.

Head Administrator: NotMeNotYou
Developer: Earlopain
Bad Dragon Staff: DasaDevil

Admins: Cinder, crowshow, furrypickle, Rainbow Dash, scaliespe, slyroon, Xch3l

Moderators: binaryfloof, Donovan DMC, tiny bear, Versperus

Janitors: abadbird, Alien Fluff, Cane751, Catt0s, Clawstripe, DubsTheFox, gattonero2001,
Lafcadio, Lance Armstrong, laranja, lemongrab, Mairo, meowmcmeow, Nonbearnary,
Queen Tyr'ahnee, Recursion, S87, Shadowstones, Song, Strikerman, Tarrgon, Wandering Spaniel



The imageboard is the primary focus of the site. Any user with an account may upload images, as long as they fit the uploading guidelines.
How much you can upload is limited by your upload limit – you cannot have more posts pending approval or deletion than that.
E621 supports uploads in multiple formats, including PNG, JPEG, GIF, and WEBM. Maximum file sizes differ depending on the file type.

Posts never expire – they will remain publicly available for as long as we can host them.
Artists, character owners, and copyright holders may request posts to be taken down by filing a takedown.

Tags are crowd-sourced, and anyone with an account may edit them on any post. Some tags are locked on select posts, to prevent vandalism.
All general and species tags must follow the Tag What You See principles.

Images can be annotated with notes in order to provide translations or to clear up illegible text.
Please, do not use notes to for translations into languages other than English.


That's where you are now.
E621 uses a custom wiki engine with basic functionality. All formatting is done via DText.

This wiki is primarily used to describe the meaning of tags, what their purpose is, what tags are aliased to them and what tags are implying them.

See the Wiki Guidelines for more information if you wish to contribute to it.


The forums are a place to discuss and share opinions related to the site or content itself.
That is also where you may request aliases and implications, as well as make Bulk Update Requests.

Bug reports and feature requests are also accepted on the forums.

Official Sites and Social Media

E621 has a presence on various sites. however there are some unofficial pages and social media that operate without our permission.
To clear up any confusion, the following pages are officially operated by e621:

Any other sites not listed above should be seen as unofficial.


The following users made significant contributions to the e621 codebase:

List of contributors on GitHub