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Help: About

e621 is a social web application (furry and anthropomorphic image board) that allows you to upload, share, and tag images. It is based off of and inspired by Danbooru. Key contributors to the codebase include:

  • Kira
  • TonyLemur (former)
  • Varka
  • Parasprite (former)
  • Spight (former)
  • Aurali (former)
  • Albert (for the Danbooru code base)

Some of these features include:

  • Posts never expire
  • Ability to tag and comment on posts
  • Tag blacklists
  • Search for tags via intersection, union, negation, or pattern
  • Integrated wiki
  • Annotate images with notes
  • Input a URL and e621 automatically downloads the file
  • Duplicate post detection (via MD5 hashes)
  • REST-based API
  • Atom and RSS feeds for posts
  • Javascript bookmarklet

If you have another killer idea, feel free to suggest them in the Feature Request Thread