Help: Flag Reasons

If flag reasons are enabled, users must select a reason to flag a post for deletion from a set of predefined reasons.


Flag reasons have two fields:

  • Option text is what the user selects on the flag page to use this reason.
  • Flag reason is the reason used when actually flagging the post. This is what shows up at the top of the post page while the post is flagged.

Inline DText may be used in both fields.


Flag reasons show up on the flag page in the same order as they appear on the flag reason index. To reorder the reasons, click and drag the arrows on the left side of a reason to move it up or down. Then click 'Save order' at the bottom to save the order.

if Javascript is unavailable, change the numbers in the text boxes under the arrows to change the order. Higher numbers appear later than lower numbers. These numbers must be unique.