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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions have been asked over and over again.
Please, make sure that your question has not been answered below before you ask for help on the forums.

Q: Is there a DNP / Avoid Posting list?

Full article: Avoid Posting.

Yes, there is. Multiple artists and copyright holders have asked for their artwork to not be posted to e621.
Some of them have set specific conditions under which their images can be uploaded.
The full list can be found here.

If you are an artist or a copyright holder of a piece of artwork or characters depicted therein, and want it to be removed, you may submit a takedown request here.


Q: My blacklist does not work!

Full article: Blacklist.

1. Is the blacklist on? Check the "Blacklisted" section in the sidebar - if the tag is crossed out, it will not be filtered out:
Click on it to re-enable it, or click on "Re-enable all" to turn all of the filters back on. On mobile, that section would be near the bottom of the page, under all the posts.

2. Make sure that your blacklist is formatted correctly. Most users' blacklists would have every tag on its own line.
Having more than one tag on a line means that in order to be filtered out, the post would have to match all of them:


Q: When I click on a thumbnail, I get an error.

You might have switched to a different viewing mode. In the sidebar, right under the search bar, find the dropdown menu labeled "Mode", and set it to View
On mobile, that menu is located near the bottom of the page, under all the posts.


Q: How do I make a new artist / character tag?

Full article: Tag Categories.

Method 1:
1. Add the tag to a post, like you would any other tag.
2. After saving the changes, find the tag in the post page's sidebar, and click on "?" next to it.
3. On the page that opens, click on "Edit Tag" link in the subheader.
4. Set the tag's category to "Artist" / "Character"
Visual guide:

Method 2:
This method assumes that the tag already exists.
1. Open the tag search, and find the desired tag:
2. Click on "Edit" next to the tag in the list
3. Set the tag's category to "Artist" / "Character"
Visual guide:

Method 3:
This method assumes that the tag does not exist.
1. Add the tag to a post, but prefix it with character: or artist:. Ex. character:spike_(bitwolfy)
2. That's it, you are done.
Visual guide:


Q: The number next to the tag is bigger than the number of posts shown when searching for it

There could be a few reasons for this.
1. A number of posts with that tag have been deleted. Add status:any to your search to show those posts as well.
For example, kadath status:any.
2. Your blacklist is hiding content with the tag, making the results appear to be fewer than the total count.
3. The cache is out of date.


Q: Should I post this image?

Full article: Uploading Guidelines.

For an image to pass e621's quality assurance check, it must meet the standards of the moderators approving it.
In other words, images with glaring jpeg artifacts or otherwise poor quality or size may not be approved depending on the discretion of the moderators.

Before you post anything, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is the image furry-related or at least somewhat relevant to the site?
  • Is the image already here? This can be easily answered by performing a search.
  • Is this DNP?
  • Is this of adequate quality and/or resolution?

Q: Why was my post deleted? Am I going to get in trouble for it?

Full article: Post Deletion

A post is often deleted because one of our Approvers doesn't feel it would benefit the site.
This can include being small, blurry, meant just to incite drama, or lacking in quality or relevance overall.

If you feel that something was deleted by mistake, your best bet is to send a short, polite PM to the person who deleted it, asking them for reconsideration.
Alternatively, you can contact our head admin NotMeNotYou.

You might get in trouble if you post things clearly against our rules or posting guidelines, and your posting limits will suffer the more deletions you accrue.
The best way to avoid this is to only post high quality and very relevant content, and to be prepared to take the backlash if you post something irrelevant or of poor quality and it gets deleted.


Q: There are so many tags! How do I know what to put?

Full article: Tags | Tagging Checklist.

Tags are the lifeblood of e621. Our goal is to facilitate your search in all things furry.
But to do that, images must be properly tagged. When posting, please provide a minimum of 10 non-implied general tags and the artist tag. If you don't know who the artist is, please add the unknown_artist tag.
We also must have the hardcore and contentious content tagged upon upload. young, gore, rape etc.

Here are the most important things to tag:

  • artist
  • gender
  • species
  • naughty bits
  • sexual acts
  • character names

Obviously, there are many, many more, but these are critical.
The "Related Tags" function on our uploading form is a great place to look for tag suggestions.


Q: Can I change my username?

Of course.
Go to your Account homepage by clicking the link in the header, then select Change username in the list.
Please, keep in mind that while you may choose whatever name you wish, trolling or impersonating staff is against the site rules.

You may only request one username change per week.


Q: How can I delete my account?

Go to your settings page, and select "Delete account".
This will not actually remove your account from the database, but it will do the following things:

  • Rename your account to a generic name
  • Lock your account
  • Remove all your favorites
  • Blank out your settings (including email)

This will not do any of the following:

  • Remove uploads you have made to the site
  • Remove comments/forum topics/blips/wiki pages/sets/pools you have made
  • Remove the history of changes made by your account for any portion of the site

You must enter your password to delete your account. Accounts cannot be deleted until they have existed for at least one week.


Q: Why is someone asking for my password or email address?

Report this person immediately! Even if it's a staff member.
We will never ask you for your password. Do not give your password to anyone.
Your email address is private and will never be shared with anyone.


Q: My account may have been compromised. What do?

Contact an administrator immediately. Someone will take action and handle it on a case by case basis.

Note that someone using your computer and getting you into trouble is not an excuse. Your account is your responsibility.


Q: I just received a mark on my account I disagree with, can I dispute it?

Of course you can, as long as you are civil about it. If you cuss out the admin who gave you the record, odds are they will be far less inclined to want to help you.
If you want to dispute a record, DM a moderator and provide any relevant information needed.

Please note that in most cases records will not be removed unless very special circumstances were present.


Q: I was just banned, that means I need to make a new account to get a hold of someone, right?

Absolutely not.
If you have been banned, you may contact us by sending an email to management [at]
Any alt accounts are subject to be permanently banned with no warning whatsoever.


Q: Can I report an admin? I think they are out to get me.

Yes, you can report any user on the site, of any level, including admins.
These reports are taken very seriously and should only be made if you seriously believe an admin has abused their power.