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Registration for basic accounts is free and open. To get upgraded to a privileged account, see the FAQ.


The basic account type. Every user is a member upon registering.

  • Base upload limit of 10, increased by approved images and decreased by deleted images
  • Must wait three days after registration to create tickets
  • Must wait seven days after registration to:
    • Edit tags and notes, flag posts, and downvote posts
    • Comment, write blips, and create forum posts
    • Remove posts from pools, create public sets
    • Upload posts
    • Edit the wiki
  • Can post 15 comments per hour
  • Can edit 150 posts per hour
  • Can edit/create 50 notes per hour
  • Can vote on 10 comments per hour
  • Can create 6 sets per hour
  • Can send 50 DMails per day
    • 10 per hour
    • 1 per minute
  • Can edit/create 60 wiki pages per hour.
  • Can edit/create 25 artist pages per hour.


The next level up from member. Given out regularly to users who have proven that they're a positive addition to the community.

  • No hourly tag, wiki, or note edit limit
  • No hourly comment limit
  • No hourly flag limit
  • Can apply tag scripts at the click of a button
  • Can use DText color tags

To become a privileged user, start helping out by uploading lots of good posts (with permission!), helping with tagging projects, reporting malicious users, updating the wiki, or adding note translations.
Being active and helpful on the forum and the Discord server, and being a positive role model for the community are especially good ways to get noticed.


Janitors are the backbone of the site moderation. They are responsible for processing pending posts, handling flags, and dealing with replacements.

  • Can approve and delete posts
  • Can process flags
  • Can approve and reject replacements

These permissions are tied to the approve posts permission, which janitors will always have.


Moderators are tasked with handling everyday community policing and enforcing the Code of Conduct.

  • Can claim and investigate tickets
  • Can give neutral and negative records to users
  • Can ban users


Admins keep the peace on e621. In addition to the duties of Moderators, they are in charge of everything else on the administrative side of e621. Admins are also the exclusive handlers of all tag aliases, implications, and bulk update requests.

  • Unlimited access to all site tools

When new admin positions open up, we will hand-pick users based on their area of expertise.