Help: Tickets

Tickets allow users to inform administrators about problematic forum posts, comments, blips, private messages (DMails), or users.

To submit a ticket:

  • Report a forum post: Click 'Report' under the forum post in question
  • Report a comment: Click 'Report' under the comment in question
  • Report a blip: Click 'Report' under the blip in question
  • Report a user: Click 'Report/Commend' while viewing the profile of the user in question
  • Report a wiki page: Click 'Report' under the wiki page in question
  • Report a DMail: Click 'Report' in the subnavbar while viewing the message in question
  • Request to change your username: Click 'Change Username' on the user homepage

New users must wait three days after registration before they can create tickets.


Certain fields of some ticket types are marked as 'Confidential' to respect users' privacy.

For user and private message complaint tickets, the following information is visible only to admins and the user who submitted the ticket:

  • The user who submitted the ticket
  • The reported user (and the private message that was reported if it's a DMail complaint ticket)
  • The admin's response, if any