Help: Notes

You can annotate images with notes. This is primarily used to translate text into english. Please do not use a note when a comment would suffice and please do not translate into any language besides english.

You can create a new note via the Add note/translation link in the sidebar, right above the Favorite button. The note will appear in the middle of the image. You can drag this note wherever you want inside the image. You can resize the note by dragging the little black box on the bottom-right corner of the note.

When you mouse over the note box, the note body will appear. You can click on the body and another box will appear where you can edit the text. This box will also contain four links:

  • Save Saves the note to the database.
  • Cancel Removes any changes you have made since the last save.
  • History History of the note.
  • Remove Removes a note from the post.

Notes support basic DText formatting.