Help: Replacements Beta

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Replacements are currently in BETA. An admin will need to give you access. You can contact an admin via dmail or in our discord. Click here for an example dmail.

How to make a replacement

1. Go to the post you would like to replace
2. On the left side-panel, under "OPTIONS" heading (Near the favorite, edit, and flag buttons), click "Replace image"
3. Fill out the form with the new image, its source, and the reason for the replacement
4. Done!

What happens when you make a replacement

1. The replacement gets added to the list of pending replacements
2. If approved, the image for the post is updated to the new image
3. The replacer becomes the post's uploader
Also note that if the replacement is deemed to be different than the original, it may be set as a "new post" - this copies tags from the original, and the uploader is the replacer. It also automatically is set to be the child of the original post.

Differences from uploading

1. Post ID, tags, comments, etc. all stay. This means sets, pools, and favorites will not be missing posts.
2. Depending on the scenario, the original uploader will not necessarily receive a 0.25 decrease to their upload limit. Deletions (used outside of the beta) ALWAYS give this decrease.