Help: Records And Feedback

Records and user feedback are public notes used to keep track of user actions, often those which broke a site rule. These do not place any restrictions or decreased permissions on accounts.

Explanation of record levels:

  • Commendation (positive/green record): This serves as an endorsement for exceptional conduct, a virtual pat on the back.
  • Notification (neutral/grey record): This will serve as an advisement that you have violated the Code of Conduct. A tap on the shoulder to not do that.
  • Warning (negative/red record): This will serve an official warning that you violated the Code of Conduct.
  • Suspension (Ban): This is a temporary ban from the site and forums. Go for a walk and think about your life.
  • Permanent Ban (Perma Ban): This is a permanent ban from and all other affiliates. This is reserved for repeated offenses and serious violations of the Code of Conduct.

Typical ways to get a:

  • Commendation (positive/green record): Find something to do to help and do it well, and get noticed for it. The best way to get noticed is to be communicative.
    • If you see someone doing something well, report them for a commendation <3
  • Notification (neutral/grey record): Violate a rule on the site.
  • Warning (negative/red record): Often given after a notification, or severely violate a site rule.
  • Suspension (Ban): Violate a site rule again after getting a warning for previously breaking that rule.
  • Permanent Ban (Perma Ban): Violate the same rule you had a suspension for, or evade a suspension by making a new account or using an alternative account.

Records may be decayed on request after 6 months with the following rules:

  • Permanent bans will never expire but may be appealed through email.
  • Any record for a suspension will be turned into a negative record after 6 months of no new infractions
  • Any negative record will be turned into a neutral record after 6 months of no new infractions
  • Any neutral record will be removed after 6 months of no new infractions
  • Any positive record has no risk of removal, unless by request of the positive record holder or exceptional circumstances