Help: Tags

Tags are basically keywords you can use to describe posts, allowing you to easily search and explore posts based on their content.


When you're tagging a post, use the following guidelines:

Tag What You See

Unlike many other art sites, has a tagging policy called "Tag What You See" (aka: "TWYS"). With very few exceptions, TWYS says that all tags on a post must be directly verifiable within the post itself. Example: a solo picture of what APPEARS to be a male character will be tagged "male". Even if the character was defined as "female" on other sites by the artist or character owner themselves, the picture would still need to be tagged "male" on e621, because of the TWYS policy.

For more information on TWYS please see [e621:Tag What You See (Explained)].

Replace spaces with underscores

For example, video games should be tagged as video_games. This small concession makes other features much easier to implement.

Forbidden characters

The following characters are unusable and will automatically be stripped from tags:

  • %,#\* - Anywhere in the tag
  • -~ - Only if they are the first character
Artist Names

When adding a new artist tag, attempt to use an alias or nickname instead of the artist's real name. If they go by their real name with everything else, then use their real name. When in doubt, ask the artist. :)


If you're not sure whether a tag is right or wrong, make a topic in the forum asking for some opinions. There will hopefully be plenty of obsessive users who will gladly weigh in.

Basics ^

cat dog
Tag a post with the tags cat and dog. Tags are separated by spaces.

red_panda african_wild_dog
Words within each tag are separated by underscores.

Prefixes ^

You can apply a prefix to a tag to change its type. Prefixes are removed for display, so artist:alice will only show up as alice.

Tag What it does
general:food Changes food to a general tag
artist:alice Changes alice to an artist tag
character:john Changes john to a character tag
copyright:disneyChanges disney to a copyright tag
species:cat Changes cat to a species tag

Metatags ^

These special tags are used to alter information about a post, but not change their tags. These tags do not show up in the list of tags next to the post.

Tag What it does
rating:safe rating:s Doesn't seem to work
rating:questionable rating:q Doesn't seem to work
rating:explicit rating:e Doesn't seem to work
parent:1234 Sets parent ID to 1234 (edit mode only)
pool:extinct_animals pool:10 Adds post to pool with given name or ID.
set:fox_and_the_grapesset:10 Adds post to set with given short name or ID.