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Title Last Post Created Replies
NEW Tag alias: hazbin_hotel -> hazbin_hotel_(series) KRC3 KRC3 0
NEW Tag alias: arms_under_breasts -> arm_under_breasts Dedari Dedari 0
NEW Stereograms & VR Readiness discussion Mairo Dizmal 1
NEW Tag implication: blood_in_mouth -> Blood Sauerkraut Sauerkraut 0
NEW Tag alias: cum_from_ears -> cum_from_ear yeoldenut yeoldenut 0
NEW [Question] Handeling order when using relative paging (before/after) TilCreator TilCreator 2
NEW Concerning gender-specific rape tags leomole Komuros 9
NEW Tag implication: licking_partner -> licking_another Descriptivist Descriptivist 0
NEW Disabling tooltip hover text. Blinc Blinc 0
NEW Ruined_orgasm tag alternative? CrocoGator FuckThisShitI'mOut 1
NEW Tag Discussion: Should spitroast imply group_sex? D.D.M. lurkbbs 1
NEW Tag implication: looking_at_laptop -> looking_at_computer D.D.M. Descriptivist 1
NEW Tag implication: anthro_domination -> anthro Leotheairwolf Leotheairwolf 0
NEW Apology forum! (locked) KiraNoot Moneyboss2020 2
NEW Looking for opinions on a magazine idea Tenchi fox Nergali 5
NEW There is a tag that is literally "50:59". Why? AlexYorim JCV 5
NEW What is considered high quality for a sketch photograph? Coleoptrata Coleoptrata 4
NEW Tag alias: Nickii -> claralaine Siral Exan Siral Exan 0
NEW Tag alias: scale -> scale_(disambiguation) Haryldson Haryldson 0
NEW Tag alias: dreamworks_face -> dreamworks_smirk tigerboxers tigerboxers 0
NEW Tag implication: trans_*_(lore) -> trans_(lore) Furrin Gok Descriptivist 3
NEW Tag Alias: aesthetic -> invalid_tag auto moderator user 22273 0
NEW Tag alias: coronavirus -> covid-19 BooruHitomi Descriptivist 7
NEW Tag implication: collaborative_pussyjob -> pussyjob Huli Huli 1
NEW Tag alias: denial -> denial_(disambiguation) slyroon slyroon 0
NEW Tag implication: transgender_(lore) -> trans_(lore) Descriptivist Descriptivist 2
NEW alias chubby_* -> overweight_* Sharp Coyote Komuros 15
NEW Anyone know where I could read Slugbox's Ctenophorae? mccool37 mccool37 8
NEW Mother's day update! Lance Armstrong Moneyboss2020 4
NEW sole_male aliased with male? user 600028 jpjavax 3
NEW Tag alias: sepia_(artist) -> abigfathen bbqrules bbqrules 0
NEW Tag implication: sepia_(artist) -> abigfathen bbqrules bbqrules 2
NEW Tag implication: insectophilia -> bestiality Demesejha Haryldson 4
NEW Two tags are missing from this post Furrin Gok Grey Wisdom 2
NEW Tag implication: infinite_cum -> loop zarkel1357 Haryldson 3
NEW Artifacts from compressed images. can it pass if it is used artisticly AlexYorim RookieAnimator210 3
NEW Tag alias: kinniro -> kuttoyaki OneMoreAnonymous OneMoreAnonymous 0
NEW [APPROVED] Tag alias: phathusa_(character) -> moonbrush_(phathusa) auto moderator Blackie Wiremane 1
NEW Tag implication: feral_domination -> feral garfieldfromgarfield garfieldfromgarfield 2
NEW Tag alias: missphase -> cuisine KRC3 KRC3 0